Tropigroove is a musical group with the primary option of instrumental solo jazz/pop with the saxophone. The second option is with the full band which consists of the addition of a singer and keyboard player. This option is reserved for bigger performance and venue. The background digital music is customized to reflect a tropical flavor. Our playlist consists of a well crafted variety of standard jazz and pop songs with a Caribbean beat such as KOMPA, SALSA or REGGAE, AFROBEAT. People love to hear their favorite songs played in a different rhythm.
I am a retired physician who has been playing the saxophone since high school and who enjoys making my customers happy. I am punctual, affordable and I enjoy meeting people. Tropigroove has been in existence since 2000 and has been performing in many private and public setting in the Tampa bay area and enjoys a good reputation
When you call, you will talk to me and we will negotiate what best fits your needs.

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YVES MORENCY MD: Alto sax, and Tenor Sax, composer
Dr. Morency has played the Sax since High School.
He played with two bands: The DIPLOMATS and SUNSHA while in College in Boston in the 1970’s. After a hiatus of 23 years he resumed playing the sax in the 90’s and created Tropigroove in 2000 when he met Joel Girardin

FRANTZ DIMANCHE: Frantz is professional singer who had been the voice of the Meridional Orchestra from the City of Les Cayes of Haiti for almost 2 decades. He is a great entertainer, a reliable consistent performer who loves his craft. He has a large followers among Tropigroove fans.

LOVENEL SEXIL: He is keyboardist and a master producer for over 20 years. He also a sound engineer and has been a consultant producer, keyboard player and sound specialist for Tropigroove for big event.


JOEL GIRARDIN: Co- founder, former band member, Guitar player, Sequencer, arranger, producer. Joel is an accomplished musician. In 2000 Joel moved to Tampa where he helped with the creation of TROPIGROOVE. He has remained an active adviser producer for the band

EMMANUEL TUFFET: He is a master pianist/keyboard as far as instrument is concerned. He is passionate about Jazz and aspire to be the ultimate jazz pianist. He was an important member of Tropigroove from 2008 to 2016

MILTON ST GERMAIN (FLEX): Flex is talented and gifted vocalist who has helped the band in time of transition. He has also participated in the production of the 4 music videos of Tropigroove. He is available for us when we need him.

KING DALOVE: is producing artist and vocalist on his own who has produced a lot memorable songs and Video. He has performed with Tropigroove for 6 months when we needed a back up singer. He is available to us when needed.


Tropigroove original music is recorded on two CDs. The first CD is “Tropical Flavor” released in 2002 and the second CD is “Therapeutic Vibes released in 2007. These can be sampled and purchased on Various internet outlet such as,
Tropigroove has evolved from a band playing only instrumental music to a more comprehensive repertoire with voice/lyrics as illustrated with the most recent Videos released over the last 2 years. The music is richer giving customers more choice.


The first CD album “ TROPICAL FLAVOR” was released on November 2002 to rave review. The St Petersburg Times said: “The duo’s compositions are buoyant and breezy, calling to mind the salty seashore of the Caribbean”
The music combines the harmonious melodic sound of Yves’ sax with the rhythmic technical expertise of Joel’s fingers. It is a delight to the auditory senses. The album contains 12 original tracks providing instrumental enjoyment for over one hour.

Viva la vida
Why not
Tropical flavor
Summer breeze
Joel’s fingers
Dedication to friends
My girls
A taste of Voodoo Jazz.


It may have taken a little longer than anticipated, but the 2nd album was worth the wait.
Therapeutic Vibes was released in 2007. The concept is simple, We create and play music everyone will not only enjoy but will feel good about. No exception. The basic rhythm is still tropical but peppered with universal influences , so we can stimulate everyone musical nerves.

1. Therapeutic Vibes
2. Sweetness
3. Island Time
4. Made in Heaven
5. Tropi-Compas
6. Tropical Moonlight
7. My sunshine
8. Happy hour
9. Ecstasy
10. Friend for life
11. Unwind
12. Magic Touch


After a hiatus of a few years from 2010 due work travel conflict, Tropigroove returned in full force in 2016 with its music video release : MICHOU followed by 3 more videos. The latest combination of Songs and videos were registered in April 2019 under the title:

by Yves Morency Author, composer, alto Sax player

1. BEL SOUVENI MP3 Video link:
Recording producer Emmanuel Tuffet. Drums by Shedley Abraham. Mastered by Frank Miret. Voice Milton St Germain (Flex)
2. GROOVIN MP3 and Video link :
Producer Emmanuel Tuffet. Drums by Shedley Abraham. Mastered by Frank Miret. Voice Milton St Germain (Flex)

3. MICHOU REMIXED MP3 and Video link :
Producer Emmanuel Tuffet. Drums by Shedley Abraham. Mastered by Frank Miret. Voice Milton St Germain (Flex)

4. MY ANGEL instrumental
Recording producer Emmanuel Tuffet.

Producer Joel Girardin, Mastered by Lovenel Sexil, Voice Frantz Dimanche

6. THE 11th COMMANDMENT MP3 and Video link:
Recording producer Lovenel sexil, Voice Milton St Germain(Flex) Yves Morency

Recording producer Lovenel Sexil, Voice Frantz Dimanche


1. BEL SOUVENI MP3 Video link:

2. GROOVIN MP3 and Video link :

3. MICHOU REMIXED MP3 and Video link :

4. THE 11th COMMANDMENT MP3 and Video link:



Baby…………Les Fantaisistes
Tete Chauve……..Schleu-Schleu
Neg nan Guinen…. Skah-Shah
Boutilier………………. …. Shleu-Shleu
Fey o…………..Folklore
Besame mucho

Black Magic Woman